The Self Publishing Guide for Entrepreneurs: How to Self Publish a Book, Build Your Brand as a Business Expert, and Get More Clients

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WANT A NEW WAY TO STAND OUT AND WIN MORE CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Getting customers isn’t as easy as it used to be. New businesses are born daily, and the competition is getting tougher every day. If you look like everyone else, and advertise like everyone else, you’re going to struggle. To succeed you need to stand out from the competition. The solution is to position yourself as an expert, authority, and celebrity in your market, giving you an advantage over everyone else. A successful book is the key to positioning yourself as an expert in your field. A book makes you an expert, and an Amazon Bestselling book makes you an industry celebrity. THE SELF PUBLISHING GUIDE FOR ENTREPRENEURS will show you exactly what you need to do to create a successful business book, make your book into an Amazon Best Seller, and use your Best-Seller status to brand yourself as an expert in your industry and generate more leads and more clients. Inside this book you’ll discover: The Nine Elements of a Successful Business Book that Will Ensure Your Book Stands Out from Your Competition; Why Using a Traditional Publishing Company is a Bad Idea if You Want to Establish Yourself as an Expert; The Three Steps that Will Guarantee You’ll Become an Amazon Best Seller and Industry Celebrity; How to Use Your Book to Generate Leads and Get More Customers; and much more. If you want to learn how to publish a book that will give you and your business a competitive advantage, build your brand, and create more leads, then this is the book for you. 









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